NKYHatesHeroin.Com is proud to partner with The Shatterproof Challenge. They are committed to fighting the same fight we’re confronted with here in Northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati region.

If you like the idea of repelling down the face of a building n downtown Cincinnati, and help a national organization address addiction, provide families with much needed support, and promote addiction related research, then this is the event for you!


Westin Cincinnati
21 E. 5th Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

For more information, download the following:

Shatterproof Cincinnati Flyer
Shatterproof Cincinnati Facts and Registration Form

Or, find out more and sign up to rappel: www.shatterproof.org/Cincinnati-2014

This letter from Gary Mendell, the founder of Shatterproof Challenge, reflects Gary’s passion for preventing addiction:

My son, Brian, was a loving child, full of smiles and light. Like so many children, he tried marijuana. Like far too many of them, his use turned to addiction. A year ago I got the call that is every parent’s worst nightmare. My son had passed away. Brian was dead.

If Brian’s passing were simply about him and the rest of my family, I would find a way to endure my suffering, and my story would end there. But this was no isolated tragedy. Brian died of a disease that touches more than 100 million Americans. It’s impossible to measure the pain it causes.

In the aftermath of Brian’s death, I set out to learn what could be done to prevent others from losing their loved ones to this terrible disease. I met with leading experts in addiction and discovered programs in prevention and treatment that could have saved Brian and others like him, but for a number of reasons those programs have not been implemented. I learned that there’s no national organization devoted to the discovery and implementation of new and better treatments. I also learned that there is no national entity devoted to helping families navigate the most trying times that many will face in their lives, to educating society about the dangers of alcohol and other drug use and to changing public policy so that America will turn the tide on this health crisis.

In Brian’s memory, I have dedicated myself to building an organization that will work to conquer this disease. It’s too late for my son, but not too late for countless others.

On behalf of all of our children, and every family, I hope you will support this effort to end the plague of addiction.

With my deepest appreciation,

Gary Mendell