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We are not in the medical profession, we are not counselors. However, we are a family who lost a loved one to an accidental heroin overdose. It crushed us. Nicholas had been clean for several months. He was doing good and was fighting the urge to use every minute of every day. He was a good man with a great heart. But after a really hard day, Nicholas couldn’t fight the urge any longer and we lost him on 8/8/13.

We might have lost Nicholas but you don’t have to lose your loved ones and we don’t have to lose the fight against heroin. Again, we are not experts but we want to help you any way we can. Please contact us with your questions, comments and concerns.

The Specht, Stegner, Laymen, Ritchie and Schell Families

NKYHatesHeroin.Com has been honored to support the following organizations with funds we have been entrusted. We are thankful for the support of our fund raising efforts.  

Transitions, Inc.

Provides substance abuse treatment and related services to those who cannot afford them elsewhere. Some of the programs offered by Transitions are residential treatment, non-medical detoxification, halfway house services, intensive outpatient treatment and many other programs.

NKYPAR: People Advocating Recovery

People Advocating Recovery is a national group of concerned individuals working to eliminate barriers to recovery from addiction. NKYPAR concentrates on the following four areas: Treatment – Harm Reduction – Prevention – Re-Entry/Long Term Recovery Support.

P.I.E.R.: Personal Involvement Empowering Recovery

Personal Involvement Empowering Recovery, is a peer-supported educational and socialization program that offers a growth and healing opportunity to those with mental health and substance use disorders.

DCCH: Diocesan Catholic Children’s Home

Diocesan Catholic Children’s Home have been providing compassionate care for over 160 years. One of the forgotten ways that the heroin epidemic has impacted our community is the growing number of children that have been removed from their homes because a parent is addicted (or both parents). DCCH is playing a part in addressing that problem. Healthy Newborn House – This is a transitional home for pregnant and postpartum women. After completing their residential treatment at WRAP they can move into the Greenup Street home and continue their treatment in an aftercare program. At this home, the women can stay up to 4 months after the baby is born.

Healthy Newborn House

A transitional home for the pregnant and post-partum women. After completing their residential treatment at WRAP they can move into the Greenup Street home and continue their treatment in an aftercare program. While, there they are provided a facility that fosters a safe, supported, and learning environment to help them continue sobriety and give birth to a healthy, drug free baby. At this home, the women can stay up to 4 months after the baby is born.

Droege House

Droege House is located in Dayton, Ky. They provide non-medical detoxification from substance abuse, as well as residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment.

Rehab Support

We have provided monetary support to assist individuals getting into rehab, sober-living houses and medical check-ups.


The Addicts Mom is a national organization dedicated to helping mothers of addicts. TAM provides educational resources, grass root support groups and a caring community online where members share, encourage and support one another.  The local TAM is very active in the fight to reduce addiction in our young children.


We have purchased and help distribute 75 naloxone kits. Naloxone, also known by the trade name Narcan, is a prescription medication that reverses a heroin overdose. Naloxone does one thing very well – it blocks the effects of heroin and opiates on the brain and reverses overdoses. During an overdose, people stop breathing. Naloxone helps to restore breathing. It is a lifesaver.

WRAP House

Transitions’ Women’s Residential Addiction Program (W.R.A.P) was established in 1992 for women who are in need of a 90 day program to begin getting into recovery from their addiction to alcohol or other drugs.  A state licensed daycare in the facility allows women to bring their dependent children ages 0-12 with them into residential treatment.  When the program opened in 1992, this was the first program in Kentucky and 1 of only 12 in the U.S. where that was permitted.  Pregnant women are often allowed to stay in residence longer to accommodate the birth and adjustment of mother and child.

Brighton Recovery Center for Women

This 100 bed facility located in Boone County utilizes recovery dynamics. The focus is to help the women change their behavior, skills and attitudes related to their addictive lifestyles. We also address other problems that emerge for the women in the program and connect them to an array of Brighton Center services as well as services provided by our partners in the community.

Printing and Distribution of Educational and Resource Materials

“Resource Guide for those Facing Addiction” and “Guide for Recognizing an Overdose and Proper use of Naloxone (Narcan)”.

NKYHatesHeroin.com continues to meet with various individuals, groups and organizations in an effort to continue our vision of “Providing support and aid to those affected by addiction and their families. Partnering with our communities through awareness, resources, and education for prevention.”