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We are not in the medical profession, we are not nurses and we don’t work with recovering addicts. However, we are a family who lost a loved one to an accidental heroin overdose. It crushed us. Nicholas had been clean for several months. He was doing good and was fighting the urge to use every minute of every day. He was a good man with a great heart. But after a really hard day, Nicholas couldn’t fight the urge any longer and we lost him on 8/8/13.¬†We might have lost Nicholas but you don’t have to lose your loved ones and we don’t have to lose the fight against heroin.

Again, we are not experts but we want to help you any way we can and we are asking for your help along the way. We are open to any suggestions you have, and we are always open to any experts willing to share their knowledge with us. Feel free to email us.

And thanks for your support!

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Your donations will help us “Fight the Fight” as we provide support and aid to those affected by addiction and their families, partner with our communities through awareness, resources and education for prevention.