Pennies For Pickle

Nicholas Specht, also known in the family as Wilbur, Nick or Pickle, lost his fight with heroin earlier this month. Nicholas was an incredible guy who made the wrong choice. At the service, Nicholas’ minister and friend Mark talked about how his co-minister and wife Lisa always believed that we find pennies when our ancestors are saying hi. He told us how he and Nicholas had gone to Woodland Mounds the week before so Nicholas could teach Mark to play Frisbee golf. After we lost Nicholas, Mark went back to Woodland Mounds to reflect on his friendship and the loss. He looked down and found four pennies. He immediately felt that Nicholas was saying hello.

Since hearing that story, Nicholas’ mother, grandmother and close friend have all found four pennies in odd places. Several members of the family continue to find random pennies in odd places. Nicholas’ uncle Nick decided to research this a little. He found that finding pennies in our path often means a new beginnings, bright ideas and fresh perspectives. How appropriate!

This has sparked an idea… We have started Pennies for Pickle. Each family household has a large jar that we put our pennies in. At the end of the year, we plan to donate our pennies to the Droege House. The Droege House in Dayton, Ky., is a drug rehab/treatment facility. The donations will help with supplies and food for the center.

I am asking you to consider doing Pennies for Pickle as well. Clean out a milk jug or old pickle jar and start collecting your pennies. Then take the jar to the Droege House or another Northern Kentucky treatment facility at the end of the year. And if you wish, let the facility know that the donation is in memory of Nicholas Specht as part of Pennies for Pickle.

Please share this post with your friends and family and help us spread the word about Pennies for Pickle.