We will be holding a Rally to draw attention to what we hope will be called Nathan’s Law in Ohio.┬áThis law will charge drug dealers with Murder if the person they sold the drugs to Overdoses.

We will meet at 11 am that Saturday and start a march through Camp Washington. Hopefully members of the press will stop by and do interviews.

I have invited the Mayor and Vice Mayor. No word yet as to whether they will coming. Their voice could go a long way in helping us to get this started.

We are going to go down and ask some of the businesses in the area for parking. We will keep everyone informed.

Please try to make a sign to hold, or wear a red shirt. Red is the color for Drug Abuse Awareness.

Please join us there! We hope to see a lot of people there to show some support and stand up for what is right!

August 31st, 2013 @ 11 a.m.
Meet Hopple Street near Camp Washington Chili.

Make a sign or wear a red Tshirt and just show up.

We will have Tshirts at that time for sell. They are $11.00 each. They are grey with red lettering. Our icon will be on the front, and Needed Activists Tackling Heroin Addiction Now! on the back. Great shirts! Buy one help spread the word through you! We now have a second option on Tshirts. We got another shirt coming with a great logo on it. They are $15.oo each and will be available at the Rally for sell. Please stop out and help us make the Tri-State a better place to live for everyone.

Visit the official Nathan’s Law site here…