We need the help of all Transitions’ supporters and their friends and families to help Transitions win $10,000!

July 1 – 31, 2014 Transitions will be participating in Bleed for a Cause, helping Hoxworth Blood Center save lives by getting blood donations and competing with other local charities to earn money. Each person who donates blood and says you were recruited by Transitions earns points as follows:

Points are earned for the type of blood donation made:

  • Whole Blood Donation = 1 Point
  • Double Red Donation = 2 Points
  • Platelet Donation = 3 Points
  • 1st time donor will receive “bonus” = 2 Points

All three types of donations can be made at a Hoxworth Blood Center. A list of all centers and hours of operation is attached. Please note that the Double Red and Platelet Donations take longer than a Whole Blood Donation.

To maximize points, A Platelet Donor can give every two weeks – so if you donate on July 1st, you can give again on July 15th and 29th. Please consider this kind of donation because not only do we get the most points, but platelets are the most needed donation for cancer patients.

To kick off the event, Transitions is hosting a Blood Drive at the Grateful Life Center on July 1st. Information regarding the event is on a detailed flyer whichis attached. If you would like to schedule an appointment (which is highly recommended) please go to www.hoxworth.org/groups/transitions and click on the Donor Portal to pick an appointment time.

Be sure to mention Transitions, Inc. as your charitable organization during registration, before donating – so we can earn points for your donation!

Please forward this information to anyone you think would be interested in helping Transitions by donating blood at Hoxworth.