Our small army from NKYHatesHeroin.Com took to the streets of Dayton and Bellevue, Kentucky today! We were met with a warm welcome in both cities hearing many stories along the way from people that knows and addict or knows someone that knows an addict. By meeting the people in the streets, it just reinforces what we already know… what a huge problem it is in our communities.

We’d like to put a special thank you out there to Circuit Court Judge Fred Stine and his wife Senator Katie Stine from Kentucky’s Senate District 24  for taking their time to talk with Holly and Eric Specht today. They both showed a great deal of compassion with Holly & Eric concerning Nicholas’ death, as well as explained their feelings and concerns about the heroin problem facing Northern Kentucky.

If you would like to help us “fight the fight” feel free to drop us a message on our contact page… you to can make a difference and help get the word out.

Check out our photo gallery from today’s efforts