NKYHatesHeroin.Com invites you to join in on our first annual NKYHatesHeroin.Com Music Fest.

This event started as a “Hey why don’t we try something like a music festival” conversation that quickly turned into making a few phone calls, talking to some band friends and next thing we knew… We’re having our very own music festival! So needless to say, we’re super excited about it and would love you to join us.

We are extremely thankful to all of our bands and bars! It is amazing that as soon as we start discussing the heroin epidemic in Northern Kentucky, people, businesses, and communities jump right on board and offer their support. And for that we truly are thankful.

We think this would be a great opportunity to let our friends and fans know exactly what it is we’re striving for in our fundraising endeavors. We have created our “Support Goals” for 2014. The following list contains potential groups, programs and/or events that our official board has categorized as “high priority”. While listed, they are not definite future recipients of funds, as the heroin situation is extremely fluid in Northern Kentucky and priorities may change. All funds will be dispersed based on a majority vote of the official board.

  • Naloxone Kits could be provided at graduation of treatment facilities locally or paid for by NKYHatesHeroin.Com when police or EMT’s encounter someone who may be in need of one but cannot afford it.
  • Droegge House
  • Healthy Newborns Project-new establishment in Covington for addicted mothers.
  • Information/Prevention Kits to be made available in hospitals, doctor’s offices, police stations, etc. They would include the pertinent information needed on whom to contact when you are helping someone dealing with addiction. An honest explanation of what the loved one of an addict should do in order to help their addicted loved one. They could also include a coupon for a Naloxone kit.

And the drum roll please…..

NKYhatesHeroin.Com Music Fest
April 12, 2014
6:00PM till Closing

$10 All Bars – All Bands
All venues on Monmouth Street and York Street in Newport, KY… Walk to all venues!

York Street Cafe – The Chuck Land Band – Grand Oversoul – Honey And Houston – The Core – Eva Ross
Little Nashville – Carter New Band – Marty Connor Band
Sis’ – Gary Devoto & Dave Webster and Friends
Birk’s – Nailed  It – J.R.’s Revenge – Altered Inc.
Shortneck’s – To Be Announced
Mokka And The Sunset Bar & Grill – Don Fangman (Frank Sinatra Tunes) – Stonehaus Trail