We are awareness advocates representing the Northern Kentucky Community – the epicenter for the current heroin epidemic that has rocked our state to its very core. For over three years local advocates have been developing resolutions and making recommendations to our state regarding the stabilization and eventual eradication of this epidemic. Each year we have received little help from the policy makers of our state and each year the epidemic spreads farther into our state and is claiming more lives.

Our time to act is running out. Today we have a heroin epidemic, tomorrow we will wake up to find that we have become the highest ranking state in the country for overdose deaths and infectious diseases – this is not something we want Kentucky to be known for. We can change our future and offset the negative ramifications that will surely come if we continue to do nothing, but our future will be determined by those who are willing to get involved. We are leading a campaign out of Northern Kentucky to support a very important piece of legislation that will be going up for vote at this coming year’s General Assembly.

While there are a variety of draft bills concerning the Heroin Epidemic, NKYHatesHeroin.Com is not specifically endorsing a particular bill but encouraging our legislators to work together to pass a final bill that best suites the needs of Kentucky. The NKY Heroin Impact Response Task Force (learn more about the task force here) has drafted a list of 20 items they have determined are priorities in our fight against the Heroin Epidemic in Kentucky.

>> See The NKY Heroin Impact Task Forces’ Legislative Priorities Here

Help Us Take Action – March on Frankfort!

Join us in Frankfort on January 6th on the capitol steps at 10:00am where we will rally together in front of the Capitol and will then march into the rotunda of the Capitol, once there a select few will be testifying in front of the General Assembly, and handing over our unified voice (petition.) >> You can read and sign the petition online here.

Follow the Bus Along with NKYHatesHeroin.Com and Friends!

We will be gathering at 7:30am (In the parking lot of Burlington Coat Factory: 4293 Winston Avenue #2, Covington, KY 41015) and leaving Northern Kentucky at 8:00am. You are welcome to follow the bus to Frankfort!